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4 Fall Lawn Care Tips For a Show-Stopping Spring Sale

Debbie Dogrul
Feb 6 3 minutes read

With the Holidays right around the corner, it can certainly be tempting to drop yard work to the lowest possible priority on your mile long To Do list.  We certainly understand the temptation - Mother Nature can be finicky this time of year!  

If you're planning on selling your house next year, or just want to have a show stopping yard come Spring, don't be too quick to procrastinate.  Here are just a few things you can do now to save yourself a lot of time in the New Year. 

1.  Keep up with the Leaves

Don't wait until the trees are bare to start removing leaves from your lawn and flower beds.  The leaves that have already fallen will get wet from the elements and create a soggy barrier that prevents light and air from reaching your grass and plants.  Fungus can grow, which can lead to further diseases.  Removing the leaves in regular intervals will keep your lawn and beds from being blocked and able to receive the light and air they need. 

2. Aerate, Aerate, Aerate

 Once you've gotten the leaves up, you're in a perfect position to get the most light, water and nutrients to your grass. There are manual tools available to aerate small yards, and even self propelled machines or gas powered ones that big box stores offer for rent for larger yards.  

3.  Feed Your Lawn 

Fall is a great time to fertilize most of the lawn varieties we have in Northern Virginia.   The visible parts of the grass we see above ground may slow down their growth this time of year, what we can't see are the root structures still working and growing underground.  A good application of fertilizer at this time of year can help the foundation of your yard grow strong through the next few months and sprout strong green stems in Spring. 

4. Call For Help

If your yard is larger than you'd like to handle on your own, we love connecting with local professionals via Angie's List or neighborhood Facebook Groups to see who works nearby that other neighbors have had good experiences with. 

Curb appeal is such a big factor in the first impression your home makes on potential buyers - a little preparation and planning now will gain you big rewards if you're thinking about selling next Spring!

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